Find The Right Nonprofit Accounting Software

Choosing Cloud-Based Nonprofit Accounting Software

As Nonprofit organizations grow so do the day-to-day challenges. No matter which not-for-profit sector (education, health, business and commerce, churches and faith-based, the arts, community service, etc.) scaling is difficult when organizational growth occurs.

While your nonprofit organization expands in size and more obstacles arise, your operations and administration will need the proper tools to keep up with your mission. You may find that out dated software or your manual accounting method can no longer keep up, is hurting productivity, and produces inaccurate data due to human error from the increasing amount of transactions.  You may also find that you need a tighter audit trail to protect yourself and your finances.

To overcome these obstacles, the solution to scale is in selecting an accounting software product specifically designed for you as a nonprofit organization. Nonprofit accounting software makes it easier to manage your revenue and expenses, provides the tools to accurately record and report on grants, assets, donations, payments and manage restricted funds. Nonprofit accounting software helps you continue to stay transparent and accountable as you continue to grow, which is very important because nonprofits are subject to many state and federal regulations and compliance.

Web and Cloud-Based Nonprofit Accounting Software

To achieve the accounting, reporting and tracking requirements of your particular organization you will need to choose the right automated nonprofit accounting system. It doesn’t matter if you’re a church, theatre or a chamber of commerce, at the least possible, you’ll want a cloud based system that offers primary financial management functions such as General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Cash Management.

Additional features to consider include:

Benefits of Not-For-Profit Accounting Software

Although features, capabilities and advantages differ from brand to brand. Nonprofit accounting software will provide a variety benefits you can gain from:

If you want to learn more about nonprofit accounting software please feel free to contact us. At NonProfitPlus we specialize in cloud-based nonprofit accounting solutions. We’ll be happy to guide you through selection, installation and training of our nonprofit accounting software solution.